Who we are?

Medi Sport is a traditional family owned business located in Sialkot city, the heart of Pakistan Export Activities, entrusted to next generation in the form of quality oriented organization has been involved in the manufacturing of prime quality products ranging from Sports Wear, Gym Gear, Compression Gear to Fitness Equipment etc. For Medi Sport customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal and we can go any far to accomplish our goal.

Mission Statement:

If you are quality conscious buyer then we are quality conscious seller and to equate this we always work against time. Our core business value is customer satisfaction at best possible efforts and we know that there is no royal road to customer satisfaction. Quality is an open end occurrence and our R&D department is in continuous pursue to make sure that our valued customers get most out of their spending. We believe that customer dissatisfaction is no more than a rope of sand for business development.

What we do?

We are involved in manufacturing, import and export activities following the local and international laws and practices.

Our products line:

Prime Items are Sports Wear, Gym Gear, Compression Gear to Fitness Equipment & leisurewear.